Multicultural Teaching Institute
Meadowbrook School
10 Farm Road
Weston, MA 02493



About Us

The MTI was founded by a group of teachers passionate about teaching for all students, and continuing dialogue and inquiry into their own practices and that of schools. The MTI is a program of the Meadowbrook Leadership Institute and is sponsored by the Meadowbrook School.

The Multicultural Teaching Institute (MTI) is a conference designed for teachers, by teachers. We specifically recommend this conference for teachers of grades pre-K through 12. Over the three days of the institute, participants will learn hands-on teaching tools to enrich their classrooms while expanding their ability to critically evaluate their own classroom practices.

Experts in the field, in partnership with classroom teachers, will work together to become more aware of personal bias, and examine the multiple ways to make classrooms hospitable for all students. Nationally-known speakers on multicultural education will deliver keynote addresses on each day of the conference.

The mission of the Multicultural Teaching Institute is to inspire and equip teachers to continue personal exploration of their own cultural identity and where it intersects with teaching and learning.


The Institute also provides a collaborative, workshop experience to share and develop multicultural teaching tools with other teachers. The MTI promises to be an eye-opening and thought-provoking experience.

The Multicultural Teaching Institute is funded by the Meadowbrook Leadership Institute (MLI) of the Meadowbrook School. The MLI is a program that offers Meadowbrook faculty thought leaders an opportunity to develop their ideas and visions beyond the scope of their own classrooms. Supported by the eighth grade gift program since 2010, it funds faculty research projects in a wide range of subjects: technology, diversity, student services and more.