June 19-21, 2018



 Our Grades:


"Two years after MTI, I still think about my experience there and the chain of events that was started during my time at the Institute. During MTI, I attended a working lunch group that discussed how to start a white affinity space. My colleagues and I stopped just thinking about it and started a faculty white affinity group. Our meetings are the highlight of my week and the most meaningful work I do — I never would have had the tools or the inspiration to start if I hadn't attended MTI. I will be forever grateful."


“Best conference I have been to yet. Excellent balance of pedagogy and practical tools, delivered by a caring, generous group of educators. Thank you!”



“I felt like I was hearing from experts on the cutting edge of the field of diversity work and multicultural education. All of the material was relevant, thorough and interesting — and the staff was extremely supportive of all of our needs.”


"The food is fantastic!"


“On a personal level, I felt like I ended up thinking about my own experience in new ways. As an educator, I feel like I have new tools and I feel empowered to be courageous!”